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31/08/2019 by sneeuwchalets

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Getting started

To log in to your profile hit the ‘Login’ link at the top of the page, enter the login details that we have sent you and here you will see your profile options.

Hit ‘My profile’ and you will be taken to the user dashboard.

My profile

The first item in the user dashboard is ‘My profile’. Please complete as much of this as you like. You can upload a profile image, which is useful for adding your company logo, or add a short biography so that users can learn more about you or your company. You can also add links to your social media pages.

Elements of your profile appear beneath your listings and users can see your other properties here and contat you direct.

My listings

Here you can manage the properties that you have listed with us.

PLEASE DO NOT MAKE CHANGES TO THE LOCATION (CITY or COUNTRY) FILEDS. These have been set by us to ensure that the search functions correctly. If you wish to change your property’s location, contact us. It may be that we need to add a new location or change the hierarchy to be sure that things work as they should.

You can edit the number of bedrooms or bathrooms and add or remove amenities for your property. If there is a particular amenity that you ould like to list which is not available please contact us and we can add it for you.

If you wish to make any changes to the property description please contact us as any changes will obviously need to be translated.

Please also contact us to list your special offers, as these similarly will need to be translated.


You can add your property’s availability to your booking calendar. While this is not required we do advise that you keep it up to date as users are able to search by availability which both saves them time and prevents you from receiving multiple inquiries for periods that are already booked.

You can access your booking calendar by heading to:

user dashboard – my listings – edit property and then to the ‘Calendar’ Tab

Here you can mark any dates as booked by clicking on them and then confirming by hitting ‘Book period’ in the pop-up.

To cancel any bookings you need to go to:

user dashboard – my bookings

and then hit ‘cancel my own booking’

You can not add prices to the calendar because it is too complicated with different owners offering prices per week or per night as well as per person or whole chalet bookings. If you would like to add your prices you can e-mail them to us and we will add them as text to your listing with a header showing your min and max prices.

ical export/import

The icalendar feature allows to synchronize your availability with other websites such as airbnb or that you may use.


To export your calendar data you should copy that url (e.g and paste it into the 3rd party website. Below is a screen capture with the airbnb import feature. This is where you should post the link and airbnb will read the booking data from our website and synchronize it with their version of your listing.


You can import a feed from a calendar created by other 3rd party websites. In the image below you see the feed from You can add feeds from multiple sites by using the ‘add feed’ button.

Once you hit save the first synchronization is made and data gets imported. The feed will be updated every 3 hours with new info. If you want to manually trigger the synchronisation just push save again.


You can add up to 20 photos per listing. To edit your photos go to:

user dashboard – my listings – edit propeety – images

Here you can upload photos by choosing ‘Select media’, change their order by clicking and dragging and select your ‘featured image’. This is the image that appears at the top of your property page and in the search results etc. To choose your ‘featured image’ just double click on your chosen photo. It will then show a star in the top corner.

Please note that although photos can be as big or small as you like your ‘featured image’ should ideally be at least 1500px wide to show in good enough quality in the header.

Here you can also imbed videos from Youtube or Vimeo.


Under the ‘location’ tab you can add your gps co-ordinates to show your property’s location on Google maps.

At present this function only works with the gps co-ordinates as we’ve had some problems making this feature work with the address. You can find your gps co-ordinates by pinning your location on Google maps and copying them from there.


When someone enquires about your property you will receive an e-mail notification and this is where you can find your messages and reply to them. To read your messages go to:

user dashboard – My Inbox

If the person is not a registered user you will receive their e-mail address in the message and you can correspond with them accordingly.

If they are a registered user you can reply to the message via our internal mail system and can request their contact details or ask them to contact you by normal e-mail.